Everything Coincierge can do for you

Coincierge is constantly evolving to meet our users needs. This page offers details about our current and future features.


Yoti KYC compatible

Unbeatable privacy for your contributors letting them use a separate app to identify themselves.

Onfido KYC compatible

Fully integrated KYC, with document upload and webcam.

DocuSign integration

Simple way of getting contributors legal signatures before they can participate in your sale. Signatures can be required for all contributors or you can set enhanced confirmations at specific contribution thresholds. You can even specify different documents for different users, so private investors are seamlessly sent different documents to retail investors. Once documents have been signed, they can be quickly retrieved from your Admin Dashboard.

GDPR ready/compliant

Stay out of trouble by respecting all the latest data protection regulations including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Coincierge Shield Protection

What is it?

Coincierge Shield Protection uses blockchain technologies to guarantee that contributions are arriving from known sources.


Our custom smart-contract eliminates a range of risks and liabilities by ensuring that only whitelisted addresses can contribute to your token sale. Attempts from non-whitelisted contributors will automatically fail.


Every time a new contributor registers we generate a Bitcoin address that is specific to their account. As every contributor has a unique address, Bitcoin contributions can be quickly and easily traced.

Rapid exchange acceptance

Thanks to Coincierge Shield Protection, you can present a list of all your token holders to any exchange as soon as your token sale closes. This will reduce on-boarding procedures for even the strictest exchanges.

Automated token distribution

Having confidence in your contributors identity completely removes the time you need to spend manually double checking who they are. It means that we can distribute your tokens efficiently after your token sale closing.


Private keys

We never hold, ask or borrow your private keys. Only you have control over the funds collected for your token sale.

Funds directly to you

We never hold or relay contributions. Each contribution goes directly to your crypto wallet or, in the case of fiat, to your bank account or designated escrow provider.

Accepted currencies


Under a multisig, only you and your partners hold the private keys.


Using our escrow smart-contract, we do not have spending power.


Using Stripe (covering 20+ countries) or Braintree by PayPal (covering 100+ countries) we can securely integrate and globally accept credit and debit cards during your token sale.

100+ altcoins

Our provider Changelly allows you to quickly and transparently exchange more than 100 cryptocurrencies directly into Bitcoin. Each contribution is converted so you don’t have to worry about liquidating dozens of different coins. At the end of your token sale you will only be left with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Fiat.

Mission Control

Real time updates

Each client has a dedicated API endpoint with real-time token sale statistics.
You can see your goal getting closer and closer!

Advanced statistics

Follow each trend within your token sale, with real-time graphs.


Continuous communication

Your contributors will receive an email receipt every time they complete an action such as registering, passing KYC/AML checks or contributing. They will also be informed when tokens are distributed.

Marketing campaigns

Push the hype or inform your contributors of important news directly from your Admin Dashboard.


Launch your token sale in 24h

Our platform is bespoke and automated, so your token sale can be up and running within hours of us receiving your details and confirmation.

Fully dedicated server

Exceptional performance is a must for your token sale. You will always receive a fully dedicated cloud server with no shared resources.

Contributors management

Contributors research

Always find the person you’re looking for. The Admin dashboard is there to help you find all the information of your contributors. This includes KYC/AML checks and contribution history.

Vested users

You can decide for each user if tokens will be sent directly to their wallets or if they will receive them under a vesting smart-contract with timed release.

Create new contributors profiles

Funds or private investors require dedicated attention. You can take them through the on-boarding process, sending them unique access credentials that allow them to verify that the tokens have been agreed and assigned correctly.

Contributions management

Automated contribution settlement

Each contribution is labelled according to the settlement status. If a contribution doesn’t fall within your current token sale stage (for example if the stage is sold out), you can keep the contribution and count it for the next stage. If no other stages are available, it will be automatically labelled as “to refund”. You can refund them by using our automated refund process.

Integrated with block explorers

Every crypto contribution on the Admin dashboard or Contributor dashboard is shown with the block explorer link as proof.

Assign manual contribution

You can accept contributions outside Concierge platform, for example using a bank transfer, and assign the relative tokens to the right user. We’ve removed the need for complicated spreadsheets.

Don’t lose failed credit card charges

If a credit card charge fails (for example due to funds missing), you can try again later.

Automated refunds

You are legally required to refund any contribution that has been wrongly received, or in the event of not hitting your soft cap target. Coincierge will help you to refund any contribution you need to.


JWT authentication

We do not store your contributors email address or password. We use the industry leader Auth0 as third-party authentication provider.

Two-factor authentication

For your Admin dashboard, our two-factor authentication process protects everything you have worked for.

Marketing tools

Bounty campaigns

Generate bounty campaigns and reward your contributors loyalty.

Referral addresses and promo codes

If you like you can allow contributors to generate a promo code autonomously so they can promote your token sale for a token bonus. They win if you win.

International languages

Open your audience to dozens of different languages.

Token sale settings

Advance pricing models

Coincierge gives you total pricing structure flexibility. You can create infinite combinations of prices, discounts and bonuses and divide them per stages via dates or per stages via amount of tokens sold. You can achieve this completely autonomously from your Admin dashboard.

Token identity

Choose your token’s name and ticker, choose open and closing day and set soft and hard caps autonomously from your Admin dashboard.

Country restrictions

Stay compliant by selecting restricted countries. We will use your users KYC data to ensure that access only comes from authorised jurisdictions.

Hack resilient

Contributions regeneration

We use industry grade security for our servers and operations, but even if a database became compromised or was lost, all the unique Bitcoin addresses and whitelisted Ethereum addresses are stored under the Auth0 profiles of each one of your contributors. This enables us to regenerate our database in minutes and easily track back any contribution.

Ethereum escrow smart contract

All the Ethereum contributions are stored under an escrow smart-contract deployed for each specific client.

Ethereum escrow smart contract

Denial of Service attacks can inflict big losses to your token sale. We deploy the most up-to-date protection services to minimise the risk that someone finds a way to stop you.