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Coincierge is a technology company that is simplifying tokenisation. We provide bespoke platforms to allow everyone to issue tokens and manage them in a compliant way, whether it is a utility, security or virtual financial asset.

Funds under your control
We never hold or relay contributions. Every contribution is always direct to the wallets that only you control.
From token sale to token distribution in 1 minute
Thanks to our unique KYC process, all the contributions are checked for you, so you don’t need to waste time with manual checks and can distribute your tokens as soon as your sale is completed.
We love playing by the book. We work closely with multiple jurisdictions in order to work with any type of digital asset, whether a security token, utility token or a virtual financial asset.
Full control of your token
Thanks to Coincierge Cabinet, you will have full visibility over your token holders, mint new tokens, distribute dividends in multiple currencies plus much more.
Coincierge works natively with a growing list of blockchains including Ethereum, EOS, Wanchain and Stellar.
Advanced KYC/AML
Minimize the risks of onboarding unidentified investors, thanks to our integrated KYC/AML. We partner with industry leaders to ensure you always know any required detail of your investor base.


Out tech stack makes no compromises. We have choosen and integrated all the most advanced tech services available, so that you don't have to.

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Every Contribution Matters

Our admin and contributor dashboards are seamlessly integrated to simplify both management and participation.


Built by founders…

The command center of your business.
Create, allocate and manage tokens from pre-to post-sale and beyond.

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…loved by contributors

Making it easy for contributors to support your business securely.

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The team that’s changing tokenisation

Technology and tokenisation experts on hand to help you reach your goals.


  • Mark Kirby
  • Mark has been working with institutions, venture capitalists and UHNW clients for a number of years, helping them to diversify their investment strategies and more recently to create long and short term opportunities for them within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.


  • Pavlos Polianidis
  • Pavlos is a technology lead and a blockchain enthusiast who has worked across several industries. His main focus and interests are around the blockchain technology varying from low-level cryptographic structures, chain implementation detail, and the authoring of Smart Contracts across various platforms.


  • Valerio Leo
  • Valerio is the link between technology and usability. With a background in Javascript systems design, he spent the past few years crafting blockchain projects and Smart Contracts.


  • Mehmet Izlev
  • Mehmet has been working within the blockchain industry and investing in blockchain technology companies since 2013. He was an early advisor for Stratis and has developed an extensive knowledge of the blockchain industry. He has spent the last three years advising and raising capital for new blockchain companies.

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